Loose Feathers Update

It has been a very long while since my last update on this project.  I started this project in March and have not paid much attention to it in the last several months.  I get in a few stitches here and there.

This was my progress as of March 14th.


And this is where I’m at today.


See, not much to talk about.

I’m not sure why I haven’t stitched on this project more.  I really like it and I really enjoy stitching it.  I think I feel too much pressure to work on the Christmas stuff.  I have a few small projects I want to finish and then I might start making this one more of a priority.

Snowman Joey Getting Close

Snowman Joey is almost finished!   I just have a little more to stitch on his scarf and some back stitching.


I already have the black felt I plan to use to back these ornaments.  So, once the stitching is complete, it won’t be too difficult to actually finish Joey and his brother Rallie into real ornaments to hang on the tree.

I have not gotten nearly as much done on these as I had wanted.  I wanted to finish all 5 of the snowmen this year, but it looks like there may only be two to hang on the tree!  I still have some time to maybe knock out one more before Christmas, but didn’t I say just the other day that I needed to trim down on my open projects??

Progress on a Butterfly

It has been a month since my last update on the Mourning Cloak Butterfly.  And lots of progress has been made!

It no longer looks like I threw up on my fabric!  YAY!  Although the colors are not great, now that the edges of the wings are getting stitched, it is beginning to look like an actual butterfly.   I am hoping that once more of the cheerful colors are added, I will like it more.  It is a depressing color scheme – all those reds and browns.  I guess that may be why it is called the Mourning Cloak.


I hope to have this one finished soon.  I have way too many projects going right now and what to trim down and focus on just two or three.


September YOTA

August did not bring much stitching on The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree.  I started a branch down in the corner and stitched a little white in the middle of a petal.  I also got in some backstitching on petal.  I know it’s not much progress, but it has been hard for me to stay motivated to stitch on this project for a multitude of reasons.