A New Start, Undecided

For my New Year’s Resolution, I want to start (and finish) a new large project.  I have a few in my stash so after digging around for a little while, I found these two.

1420256795512This one is titled “Sarah Woodham 1770” by Shakespeare’s Peddler.

1420256531445 This one is “Loose Feathers” by Blackbird Designs.

But which one shall I stitch?  I love them both.

Oh, I have a great idea.  I will just start them both.  Why not?  I CAN DO IT!  I know I can.  If I set my mind to it and really try hard all year long, I know I can finish both.  Yeah, right.

A positive attitude!  That’s all I need.  And LOTS of free weekends to stitch!

I just need to pull out my A Game and get to it!  Now off to the store to pick up fabric and thread so I can get this party started.

New Year’s Resolution

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions.  But this year is different.  I am making a New Year’s Resolution.  And it is… (drum roll please)… to CROSS STITCH MORE!

I did very little stitching in 2014 and I want to make sure that changes in 2015.  That is why I am starting this blog.   I am hoping that it will create some accountability for me and get me motivated.

My goals for this year are to finish two WIPs that have been sitting around for a while, start (and hopefully finish) a new large project which I haven’t decided on yet, and start/finish two small butterflies that are part of a set.  And I also want to actually “Finish” a few projects that I have completed the stitching on but am too scared to cut up to make into Christmas stockings, frame, and/or make into pillows and ornaments.

My problem is that I love to start projects, but when it comes time to complete and finish the project, I get a little distracted.  I love the process of deciding on the fabric, picking the threads, and daydreaming about how fabulous it will look once I get it done.   But halfway through, it starts to get boring and I start thinking about the next project.

But this is the year for change!  I WILL FINISH SOMETHING!  And I will catalog everything on this blog and share my successes (and probably a few disappointments) along the way.

I am looking forward to a great 2015 and I hope you are too!