Blue & Gold binding

Since my last post on my daughter’s college quilt, I have washed and ironed my extra fabric to use for binding.  After cutting the strips and sewing them together, I iron them in half wrong sides together.  Then it is ready to be sewed onto the quilt!  Yay!!!

Here it is rolled up, ready to go.


Now it’s time to sew!  Using my walking foot, I sew the binding onto the edge of the quilt.


The corners can be a little tricky.


Then it is time for hand sewing.  Boo!!!  I know some people can machine-sew their binding onto the back of their quilt, but I have never been successful with that.  So, it is hand sewing for me!


It should take a few days to complete the hand sewing.  I have to take occasional breaks so I don’t hurt my wrist or hand.   But it is nice to know that I am so close to being done!  Yippee!!