Snowman Rallie is finished!

Rallie is finished!   YAY!!!


Now I just need to trim off the excess plastic canvas, attach a piece of ribbon for a hanger, and back it with felt.  The hardest part will be finding the felt!  I know I have it somewhere in a box of craft supplies. . .

I’m not sure what small project I want to start next.  I may start one of Rallie’s siblings or maybe a butterfly from this series.  Or probably both!  One can’t have too many unfinished projects laying around!  Or do I have that backwards?  Maybe you can have too many.  Nah!




I have seen some wonderful needle books out in The Interwebs and have become very jealous of them. I want one!

My needle storage up to this point has been super unorganized and it is difficult to find needles that I know I have.  But, oh, wouldn’t it be so wonderful to have them all in one place!  Organized, labeled, neatly sitting there in rows upon rows of beautiful needles – ready to create amazing things!

So, off I went to figure out what I wanted my needle book to look like. I saw cross stitched ones, patchwork ones, felt ones, fabric ones, large ones, small ones, some that fold, some that roll, ribbon closures, button closures – boy, the list goes on and on! There are endless possibilities. But, what do I want?

This one is from Domestic Doozie.  I really like this one.  She has a great tutorial (which I plan to use with a some slight modifications).

Love, Love, Love the pocket!


These are some other cool ideas for embellishing the pages.


Here is what I decided on:

  • I want a printed fabric cover – maybe with some beading.
  • I want it big enough to hold lots of needles, but not too big to carry around in my project box.
  • I’m thinking embroidered labels – maybe ribbon.
  • I want a button closure.
  • I want some lace accents or maybe some ric rac. Just for smiles.

Now, off to dig through my stash to find a beautiful fabric to add some beading to.  I’m sure I have something that will work.