I must hang my head in shame.  I have not stitched one stitch in Home Sweet Home.  NOT.  ONE.  STITCH.  I didn’t even pull it out of my Box O’ Projects to look at it.


This is where I left off last month and remain this month.  I have just not been motivated to stitch on this project at all.  Terrible, isn’t it?!

I am going to switch gears and go back to The Legend of the Dogwood Tree.  Maybe I will have better luck with the motivation factor.

But, to be fair, it’s not like I haven’t been doing any stitching.  I have been stitching on other projects like this one and this one – just not HSH.

Until next month!

April YOTA

It’s YOTA time again!  What the heck is YOTA, you ask?  Find out here.

I did VERY LITTLE stitching on my Home Sweet Home project during March.  I just wanted to stitch on ANYTHING but this!  I think it is because I actually have to think about this chart as I am stitching because I have to alter the vines in the pattern.  Usually stitching is mindless work simply following the pattern, but with this one I have to use brain power – NOT what I want to do after a full day of work.

But, I did rally at the very end (today) and started stitching on it.  I did make a very teeny tiny eensy weensy bit of progress.  About 50 stitches.

Here are my before and after shots.

1423352510859       1428202923240

It may be slow going, but progress is progress.  Since I didn’t get much accomplished on this piece I think I will continue with this project through April.

See ya next month!

February YOTA

For the YOTA challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread, I have been stitching on my UFO “Home Sweet Home” by La-D-Da.

This was my progress when I pulled it out of hiding in mid-January:


When it is finished, it will hopefully look something similar to this:


And, drum roll please, this is my progress to date:


Not as much as I would have hoped considering the amount of hours I have put into it in the few weeks.

Once I started stitching on it, I remembered why I put it down.  I am having problems with the vines.  I don’t like how they are spaced.  There are some that are all bunched up together and then there are random blank spaces.  I don’t like it at all.  And I can’t just stitch them as the pattern calls for because it will drive me absolutely bonkers staring at it on the wall knowing that the vines are not evenly spaced.

So, what am I having to do?  Alter the pattern.  As I stitch, I am having to figure out which spots have too many vines and then trying to figure out which ones I can remove to make it look better.  And it is taking FOREVER.

In order to not drive myself too crazy, I think I am now going to switch to my other YOTA project I dug out of the bucket of cross stitch stuff.  It is “The Legend of the Dogwood Tree” by Praying Hands.  I will stitch on TLOTDT until the next YOTA post in March.

YOTA 2015

YOTA: Year Of The Acronym

In my many hours spent searching The Interwebs for like-minded cross stitchers, I stumbled upon a blog called Pull The Other Thread.  On this blog, she has a wonderful yearly UFO SAL, which she lovingly named “YOTA.”

Here are the guidelines for the SAL directly from the PTOT YOTA post:

“Once a month – the first Saturday – will be YOTA post day. If you want to join in just post before and after pictures of any UFO projects you are working on. I will work on one UFO at a time and if I finish one I will move onto another.

I will work on it whenever I get a chance in any one month but anyone who wishes to join can do as much as they feel they want to on their projects.

If you have some UFO’s which are not stitching but knitting, quilting etc. and want to join in with those then feel free.”

To read more about YOTA visit:

Since I joined in the middle of the month, I missed the January YOTA post day, but for the rest of the year I will post my progress the first Saturday of every month.

For my YOTA 2015 projects, I picked two WIPs that have been languishing about for some time now.

Here is the first one that I want to finish.  The pattern is  “Home Sweet Home” by La-D-Da designs.  I started this about 2 years ago and worked on it for a few weeks and then moved on to something else.

Here is my progress as of today.  (Please forgive the crease lines.)

The second WIP designated for the YOTA will be The Legend of the Dogwood Tree.  In preparation of this post, I was digging around in a box of cross stitch stuff looking for a wedding sampler that I started a few years ago and came across this pattern.  I had completely forgotten about it.

I didn’t have time to search for the actual project before this post, but I don’t think I am very far into it.  If I remember correctly, it is maybe 20% completed.  I will dig around some more and post a picture of it at a later date.

THE PLAN:  My Plan is to work on the Home Sweet Home (HSH) project until the end of June.  The goal is to finish the stitching by the end of June, but if that doesn’t occur, I will just switch to stitching on The Legend of the Dogwood Tree (TLOTDT) on the first of July and put away the other.  With that being said, I can’t guarantee what is acutally going to happen.  Sometimes, The Plan goes awry.  I may get tired of stitching on HSH and want to change gears during March.  Who knows?  Definitely not me!

But it certainly makes my OCD mind feel better to have The Plan in place.  If The Plan goes off course, I will just readjust and continue on.

Happy Stitching!