Loose Feathers Update

It has been a very long while since my last update on this project.  I started this project in March and have not paid much attention to it in the last several months.  I get in a few stitches here and there.

This was my progress as of March 14th.


And this is where I’m at today.


See, not much to talk about.

I’m not sure why I haven’t stitched on this project more.  I really like it and I really enjoy stitching it.  I think I feel too much pressure to work on the Christmas stuff.  I have a few small projects I want to finish and then I might start making this one more of a priority.

Loose Feathers

This is one of the projects I wanted to start (and finish!) this year – Loose Feathers by Blackbird Designs.  It was originally released in 2011 in three separate pamphlets: Summer, Autumn, and Winter.   I picked up all three at Quilt Festival this past fall from The Silver Needle booth.  I just love visiting their booth every year during Quilt Festival and looking at all the goodies!

1421116529772   1421116563613




The chart calls for using Cresent Colors and Gentle Arts thread, but I chose to go with regular old DMC thread.  Only because I am lazy and it is easy for me to find and I have almost every color.  I went to my local needlework store and picked up a piece of 32-count Mushroom Lugana.


Here is my progress after a few days of stitching:


I have enjoyed stitching this chart so far.   I always begin stitching in the middle of a pattern so I am currently stitching the birds in the “Autumn” chart.

A New Start, Undecided

For my New Year’s Resolution, I want to start (and finish) a new large project.  I have a few in my stash so after digging around for a little while, I found these two.

1420256795512This one is titled “Sarah Woodham 1770” by Shakespeare’s Peddler.

1420256531445 This one is “Loose Feathers” by Blackbird Designs.

But which one shall I stitch?  I love them both.

Oh, I have a great idea.  I will just start them both.  Why not?  I CAN DO IT!  I know I can.  If I set my mind to it and really try hard all year long, I know I can finish both.  Yeah, right.

A positive attitude!  That’s all I need.  And LOTS of free weekends to stitch!

I just need to pull out my A Game and get to it!  Now off to the store to pick up fabric and thread so I can get this party started.