Tooth Fairy Monster Pillow

I wanted to make a tooth fairy pillow for my son.  I picked up some scrap fabric from the clearance bin and two buttons for the eyes.


After some calculating, I figured a finished pillow of 7 1/2 inches would be perfect.  So, I cut two 8 inch squares and two 8×4 inch squares.


I then sewed two small squares for the teeth and sandwiched those between the two mouth pieces and sewed them all together.


I sewed two circles to put behind the button eyes for a cartoonish effect.


I then put everything together for the front of the monster.


Next came sewing the back square to the front and including a loop for hanging.


I stuffed it with fiberfill and . . .


Voila!  A Tooth Fairy Monster pillow is made!



I really liked the way this turned out!  I think it is super cute!

This is one of two projects I completed at retreat.  I didn’t get as much accomplished at retreat as I would have liked.  Next time maybe there will less talking and more sewing!



Retreat, Retreat!!

No, don’t run away!  It’s craft retreat!

I just got back from spending 4 glorious days lounging around, gossiping, watching movies, eating, and, oh yeah, a bit of crafting thrown in there for good measure.

Unfortunately, I believe there was more eating done than actual crafting.  I had great plans to finish quite a few projects, but the reality turned out differently.

I did finish the binding of a lap quilt that has been languishing around for at least two years, and I did manage to put together a Tooth Fairy pillow just in time for my son to lose his 4th tooth.  (Better late than never.)  And I also got a little cross stitching done.

I forgot to take any pictures of the retreat location, but this week I will post the progress made on my projects.