November YOTA

Sadly, I haven’t touched my YOTA project in a while.


Two months to be exact.  It remains the same as I left it in September.

I feel guilty for not stitching on it but I just have no motivation to pull it out and work on it.  Maybe if I leave it alone for a little while longer, I can come back to it some time next year with renewed ambition.  But for now, I think I have given up on it and it will remain a WIP.


October YOTA

Sadly, no progress has been made on The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree.


This is where I left it last month and this is where it remians today.

I have been stitching, just not on this.  I

 have some Christmas things I have been concentrating on and that means this project has fallen by the wayside.

I would say that maybe next month would be better, but who am I kidding – the closer Christmas gets the less I will be working on anything.

September YOTA

August did not bring much stitching on The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree.  I started a branch down in the corner and stitched a little white in the middle of a petal.  I also got in some backstitching on petal.  I know it’s not much progress, but it has been hard for me to stay motivated to stitch on this project for a multitude of reasons.




August YOTA Update

It’s time for YOTA again!  Well, YOTA time has actually come and gone, but I have a really good excuse for being late!  I was on a roll this weekend and didn’t want to stop stitching to post!  Unlike in months past, I pulled out my TLOTDT project several days before the post deadline of Saturday.  I was determined to stitch more than just a few hours on this project this month!

This is what I started with from last month.1436067257493

And this was my progress after a few days of stitching this month.


It doesn’t look like much because most of the stitching was done in the white petals, but there is some tan back-stitching in there also.   I did get to move on to one of the leaves and was super excited to stitch with something other than white or cream!

And then I realized something.  I stitched the green incorrectly!!!!  UGH!!!  I accidentally stitched it using two threads instead of three!!!!  Frogging time!  (You can see my frogged threads in the pic below.)  After ripping out my progress in the leaf and re-stitching using the correct number of threads, this is what it looks like now.


I finished the rest of the leaf and did a little more back-stitching in the petals.

I am super proud of my progress considering my stitching on this project has been pitiful these last few months!  This is not a project I usually enjoy stitching, but it was a pleasure seeing progress this weekend.






It’s time for this month’s YOTA post.

I have continued to work on The Legend of the Dogwood Tree project.  I didn’t get very much done, but some progress was made.


I got some stitches in two of the leaves of the bottom flower.  I know it pretty much looks the same as last month, but I promise there are some new stitches in there!

I was hoping to get more accomplished this month as my progress on this piece has been dismal.  Although I am not fond of the fabric or stitching with three threads, I am beginning to like the project a bit more.  Maybe I can be motivated to work a little harder on this one.

Happy 4th of July!


It’s time for my YOTA post, and this month I actually have progress to report! I am super excited about it because I have been slacking the last couple months on my YOTA projects.

I have been working on The Legend of the Doogwod Tree the last few days. It is not a lot of progress but I am happy to see the stitches.


I managed to get some stitches in on the flowers and some backstitching.  This piece is difficult to stitch because there are A LOT of color changes and some colors only have 1 or 2 stitches.  It makes for slow going.  But I really like the subject matter and look forward to see it hanging on my wall (in about 10 years).

Until next time.


March YOTA

For my YOTA stitching project for the month of February, I spent some time with The Legend of the Dogwood Tree.  This is a project I haven’t stitched on in a couple years.  I’m not sure what fabric it is – I believe it is an antique white 28-count loosely woven linen.  The pattern calls for three threads over two.

This is what I started with:


This is my progress as of today:


This pattern is not the funnest to stitch as it has A LOT of color changes.  And I am not used to stitching with three threads so it feels strange, but, over all, I am mostly happy with my progress this month.

For March, I will go back to stitching on Home Sweet Home.

See you next month!

February YOTA

For the YOTA challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread, I have been stitching on my UFO “Home Sweet Home” by La-D-Da.

This was my progress when I pulled it out of hiding in mid-January:


When it is finished, it will hopefully look something similar to this:


And, drum roll please, this is my progress to date:


Not as much as I would have hoped considering the amount of hours I have put into it in the few weeks.

Once I started stitching on it, I remembered why I put it down.  I am having problems with the vines.  I don’t like how they are spaced.  There are some that are all bunched up together and then there are random blank spaces.  I don’t like it at all.  And I can’t just stitch them as the pattern calls for because it will drive me absolutely bonkers staring at it on the wall knowing that the vines are not evenly spaced.

So, what am I having to do?  Alter the pattern.  As I stitch, I am having to figure out which spots have too many vines and then trying to figure out which ones I can remove to make it look better.  And it is taking FOREVER.

In order to not drive myself too crazy, I think I am now going to switch to my other YOTA project I dug out of the bucket of cross stitch stuff.  It is “The Legend of the Dogwood Tree” by Praying Hands.  I will stitch on TLOTDT until the next YOTA post in March.