Retreat, Retreat!!

No, don’t run away!  It’s craft retreat!

I just got back from spending 4 glorious days lounging around, gossiping, watching movies, eating, and, oh yeah, a bit of crafting thrown in there for good measure.

Unfortunately, I believe there was more eating done than actual crafting.  I had great plans to finish quite a few projects, but the reality turned out differently.

I did finish the binding of a lap quilt that has been languishing around for at least two years, and I did manage to put together a Tooth Fairy pillow just in time for my son to lose his 4th tooth.  (Better late than never.)  And I also got a little cross stitching done.

I forgot to take any pictures of the retreat location, but this week I will post the progress made on my projects.

Valentine Monster

For the little one’s Valentine party at school, he (and by that I mean me) was tasked with taking a cereal box and turning it into a recepticle for the kids to drop their cards into.  This is what we (I) came up with:


This was made with stuff found entirely in my craft room (except the cereal box – I don’t hoard cereal).  I used some shiny red fabric left over from a Halloween costume, a scrap of orange felt for the teeth, pipe cleaners for the “hair,” and a styrofoam ball cut in half for the eyeballs.

Sometimes it is nice to have a boy because you can get away from all the cutesy stuff and go wild!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  I think there is too much pressure to be all lovey-dovey and that is certainly not me.  But, this year I decided to make my hubby a gift.  Of course, it was something I saw on Pinterest.

It was a little canvas with black/white stripes and a red heart covered in buttons.

After only one trip to JoAnn’s to pick up my supplies (I can’t believe I remembered to get everything in one trip! YAY!), this is what I have:


Step one was to draw the lines.  Since my canvas is 10 x 10, I figured I would go easy on myself and mark 2″ lines.  I didn’t want to have to paint over black, so I painted the red heart before I colored in the black.


And here it is with the lines and heart finished.  I used metallic white and black paint for a little sparkle, although it is hard to see in the photos.


Now off to glue on some red buttons! I LOVE BUTTONS!

I glued two layers of buttons to ensure decent coverage using plain ol’ white glue.  Ohh, buttons are pretty…  Did I mention that I love buttons?


I stenciled “You & Me” on the bottom white line and TA-DA!


It definitely looks “home made” with the uneven stenciling and some of the buttons being a little out of whack, but, overall, I like the way it turned out.  I’m sure he won’t think it is as cute as I do, but I’d rather give something I made than something from the store.

Happy Valentine’s Day!






I have seen some wonderful needle books out in The Interwebs and have become very jealous of them. I want one!

My needle storage up to this point has been super unorganized and it is difficult to find needles that I know I have.  But, oh, wouldn’t it be so wonderful to have them all in one place!  Organized, labeled, neatly sitting there in rows upon rows of beautiful needles – ready to create amazing things!

So, off I went to figure out what I wanted my needle book to look like. I saw cross stitched ones, patchwork ones, felt ones, fabric ones, large ones, small ones, some that fold, some that roll, ribbon closures, button closures – boy, the list goes on and on! There are endless possibilities. But, what do I want?

This one is from Domestic Doozie.  I really like this one.  She has a great tutorial (which I plan to use with a some slight modifications).

Love, Love, Love the pocket!


These are some other cool ideas for embellishing the pages.


Here is what I decided on:

  • I want a printed fabric cover – maybe with some beading.
  • I want it big enough to hold lots of needles, but not too big to carry around in my project box.
  • I’m thinking embroidered labels – maybe ribbon.
  • I want a button closure.
  • I want some lace accents or maybe some ric rac. Just for smiles.

Now, off to dig through my stash to find a beautiful fabric to add some beading to.  I’m sure I have something that will work.