A Trip to the Store and more Hexies

I needed to pick up some white fabric to make my “sashing” hexies for my Hexie Quilt.  So, it was off to my local quilt store! Yay!!
I picked up some Moda White.


And while I was there, I just had to take a look at the scrap bin!  I found the pink and green fabrics while digging through the mountain of scraps.  I had a hankering for something purple, so I also picked up a purple fat quarter with pink flowers!  My 7 year old son, who was with me on the shopping trip, helped me pick that one.

I had so much fun looking at all the fabric!  The quilt store is one of my very favorite places!

I have made more progress on my hexie diamonds.   Here are the three most recent completed diamonds.


In looking at my stash fabrics pulled for this quilt, you can tell my favorite color is blue!  Most of the fabrics are blue or have blue in them!  That is one reason I picked up a few new fabrics today.  Although I was trying to only use fabrics from my stash for this quilt, I wanted to make sure I have a variety of colors and it doesn’t turn into a blue quilt.


More Hexies

For the last few weeks, I have almost exclusively been working on my hexagon quilt.

Here is a little stack of hexies.  Aren’t they just so cute!


I have completed 15 “diamonds” so far.


I have not purchased any fabric for this quilt.  I am trying to use only my stash.  I figured I need to start using some of this fabric I keep collecting because it is really starting to pile up.

I think I will use plain white fabric for my “sashing” in between the diamonds, which I’m hoping is the only fabric I have to buy for this quilt top.




Hexagon Obsession

Lately, I have been obsessed with hexagons!

I started dabbling in hexagons a few years ago, but quickly lost interest as I do with most things.

But, after some quality time on Pinterest recently, I decided to take a stab at it again.  And I am enjoying it much more this time around.

I dug around in my craft room and found some leftover freezer paper templates from my previous hexie attempt.


I pulled some of my fabric stash and cut out some squares.


Ironed on the freezer paper templates . . .


Did a little trimming . . .


And basted the seam allowances under.


Here is a cute little stack of hexies all ready to get stitched together!


I played around with the hexie placement a little.  This is the traditional “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” pattern.


But I wanted something a bit more modern, so I decided on a diamond pattern.


Now, off to make more hexies!




Quilt Festival

Last week brought the International Quilt Festival to town.  YIPEE!!  I look forward to this event every year!  I take a day off work to walk around ogling at the beautiful quilts and spend way too much money.

O happy day!!!!


Waiting in line to get in . . .


So excited!!!

I walked around the quilt display side first.  Unfortunatley, most of the displays do not allow photography, so I couldn’t take pictures of most of the quilts I saw.

But I did snap a few photos of some absolutely awesome “dinners.”  This was a display of 3-dimensional fabric “place settings” and “dinner food.”  ALL. MADE. FROM. FABRIC.

These were my favorites.

You have a steak and baked potato . . .


Pancakes, bacon, and eggs . . .


And last, but not least, crab and oysters . . .


Remember these are not real food.  They were all made with fabric, beads, plastic, and other crafty little things.  I was amazed at how real some of them looked!

And this was a quilt little owl quilt I thought was too cute! Wink, Wink!


And then on to buying stuff.  And, boy, was there stuff!!!  Lots of ohhhs and ahhhs, and Look At This, and I Want That!!!  This what I managed to hold myself back to.

Some fabric bundles . . .


A few cross stitch charts from my favorite booth “The Silver Needle” out of Oklahoma . . .


And one quilt pattern . . .


A good time was had by all!  Quilt Festival is my favorite day of the whole year!

I’m already looking forward to next year!

Quilt Finish! (only 6 months late)

Yay!!  I finished my daughter’s quilt!  And it’s ONLY 6 months late.  Better late than never.  (I have another one for her I began about 4 years ago that is still not finished.)

I was supposed to have this quilt ready for her when she went to school in August.   Obviously, that didn’t happen.  But I’m sure she will be happy that she will get it now – just in time for the cold weather.  It is her school colors – Navy and Gold.   I’ve been debating on it’s name – School Colors or Blue&Gold.   Pretty inventive, huh?  I think I am going to go with Blue&Gold.




I didn’t use a pattern for this.  She had seen a picture of a quilt in a magazine and like it, so I had to “wing it.”  I hope it is the right size to fit her bed.  I think it may actually be a little big.  But I would rather it be too big than too small.

It just has straight “stitch in the ditch” quilting.  I tried to keep it simple so I could actually finish it in this century.

I am really happy with how it turned out.  I just hope she likes it!

Now, I have to wash it and then it is ready to be mailed!



Blue & Gold binding

Since my last post on my daughter’s college quilt, I have washed and ironed my extra fabric to use for binding.  After cutting the strips and sewing them together, I iron them in half wrong sides together.  Then it is ready to be sewed onto the quilt!  Yay!!!

Here it is rolled up, ready to go.


Now it’s time to sew!  Using my walking foot, I sew the binding onto the edge of the quilt.


The corners can be a little tricky.


Then it is time for hand sewing.  Boo!!!  I know some people can machine-sew their binding onto the back of their quilt, but I have never been successful with that.  So, it is hand sewing for me!


It should take a few days to complete the hand sewing.  I have to take occasional breaks so I don’t hurt my wrist or hand.   But it is nice to know that I am so close to being done!  Yippee!!




School Colors

In theory, I love making quilts.  In reality, I just don’t have the patience to enjoy the process.  I LOVE picking out fabric.  I absolutely have an obsession with quilting fabric!  I have collected A LOT of it.  I love the beautiful colors, fondling the silky smooth cloth, oogling over all the different choices.  You get my point.

Once you pick the fabric, then you have to cut it up.  I am mostly patient with this step.  Sometimes it can seem like this takes forever.  And I mean FOR. EVER.  Then comes the piecing.  That can acutally be fun for a little while.  You get to see the beginnings of the quilt and that can be super exciting.  But, inevitably it either gets boring because it is all the same or gets frustrating because the block is too complicated.  And then comes the actual quilting.  Ah, the quilting.  The bane of my existance.  Not only am I terrible at it but it takes soooooo long.  It causes me great stress.  I have a hard time deciding on the quilting pattern.  I am not good at free motion, so usually I just end up doing straight lines.  And then those don’t end up being straight.  More like wavy.  Or maybe wobbly is a better term.  Either way, it is not a good thing.  Let’s just say that I am not going to win any awards with my quilting.  Sigh.

So all of that was to introduce my current quilt project.  It is a project that I started when my daughter got accepted to college.  I wanted to send her off to school in the fall of 2014 with a quilt made out of her school colors.  Blue and gold.  In April 2014, I had a craft retreat to go to and I thought her quilt would be a great project to work on.  Before the trip, I went to the fabric store with a shirt we had bought when we visited the school. I bought several varieties of the same shade of navy and one gold that matched perfectly.  She had seen a picture of a quilt in a magazine and liked it, but it didn’t have a pattern.  It didn’t look too complicated (it was just strips) so I figured I could wing it.

The piecing wasn’t so bad, it was monotonous and went fairly quickly.  I mostly finished this step at retreat.  Then came the “sandwiching” of the layers.  I ususally just pin with safety pins, but have been wanting to try out the adhesive spray.  It was definitely a process.  I spread everything out on my garage floor and sprayed away.  I was covered in it by the time I was done.  I guess I need to be more careful next time.  (Unfortunatley, I don’t have any pictures of these steps because all of this happened before I started this blog.)

But, for the most part, the quilting was okay.  It held together pretty well with the spray adhesive.  Here is the quilt while I was quilting it.  I just stitched in the ditch on this one.

1421011564575  1421011483595
You can see part of the quilt rolled up under the arm of my sewing machine.  This is a pretty small quilt (large twin size or maybe full), so it was not as difficult as it could have been with a larger sized quilt.  My machine is small so it is usually very cumbersome and frustrating while trying to quilt the very middle of anything because that is when the most fabric has to be scrunched up under the arm.


Last row to quilt!  YAY!!!

Now to cut off the extra batting and backing fabric to make a smooth edge to sew my binding onto.


I remembered I had cut strips for the binding at the retreat, but once I pulled them out I realized I did not cut nearly enough.  I need about double this amount!


I didn’t have any extra yardage left over, so I decided to cut up the backing fabric that I just cut off.  But it has spray adhesive all over it and I don’t want that on my iron, so I need to wash it first.


Off to the washing machine!

So that is as far as I can go today.  I hope to be able to start on the binding tomorrow (Monday).  My daughter leaves to go back to school on Thursday.  I don’t think I am going to get it finished in time, but I plan to just ship it to her once it is finished.  Hopefully, this weekend.