To Do List 2016

In order to keep me on track, I made a list of the various things I want to finish this year.  This will most likely be an ever-changing list that is modified depending on my mood, stitching time, and the stars’ alignment.

1. Loose Feathers

2. Sarah Woodham Sampler

3. Mourning Cloak Butterfly

4. Butterfly

5. Home Sweet Home

6. The Legend of the Dogwood Tree

7. Learn Crewel Embroidery

8. Blue and White Quilt

9. Christmas Stockings (stitch finish was about 7 years ago)

10. Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt

11. Flying Geese lap quilt

12. Ornaments –

  1. O Christmas Tree Stitch Finish 11.21.15
  2. A Wish for Hope and Peace
  3. Winter Fun Snowmen – Rallie Stitch Finish 6.15.15
  4. Winter Fun Snowmen – Joey
  5. Tardis
  6. Snowflake